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Organization Account vs. Individual Account


The New York State Land Title Association (NYSLTA) is an association of business entities which consist of corporations, LLC's, etc.


The Members of NYSLTA are known as "organizations" and each has a MASTER account.


The people who work for a Member company can have an "individual" sub-account under the MASTER account of the "organization".


Each "organization" must have an "individual" as its administrator or "admin".


Initially, we assigned the company principal as the organization admin.


So, if you are the principal of your company you have an "individual" account with a username and password and as the "admin" for your "organization" a separate username and password for the MASTER account.


On the WELCOME page, you can find a step-by-step guide to your initial log-on.

Call the Staff Office at 212-964-3701 if you have questions about the site or accessing any resources available. 




To change or add to the company MASTER account profile information

If you are updating the company profile information – READ THIS FIRST

The Company profile in the MASTER account can only be edited by logging in as the company admin.

NOTE: The person who is the company admin has a separate username and password to access the company profile and a separate username and password to log in as an individual.

When logged in as company admin, the user has extensive access to everything in the company Master account and access to the profile of individuals with sub-accounts.

Please see the section titled “Organization Account vs. Individual Account” on this page.


1. Log-in with the company admin credentials (username & password) and select MANAGE PROFILE from the MY PROFILE box on the right side of the page.

2. On the left side of the page under the heading INFORMATION & SETTINGS, select EDIT BIO.

3. On this page you can change the username,  the password, re-assign the company admin responsibility, edit address and contact info fields. DO NOT CHANGE number of employees – this may trigger an additional invoice.

4. Save changes – it will then display your company bio.

5. Check bio and make any correction necessary.
Review the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section showing counties served.  Contact NYSLTA Staff if this information needs to be updated. There is a separate process for creating satellite locations.




How to pay dues online or print an invoice

The URL is:

Enter the "organization" username. (Contact Staff if you do not know the username)

For the initial log-on you will use the generic password: NYSLTA2014

Once you are in, go to MANAGE PROFILE on the right side navigation and look for INVOICE>PAYMENTS> HISTORY.

You will see an option to pay online or print an invoice.


When to log-on to the "organization" account

- Change the "organization" username and/or password

- Pay membership dues

- Add/edit/delete an employee sub-account to your organization master account

- Change the permissions or preferences for the organization


When to log-on to your "individual" account

- Access site RESOURCES restricted to Members

- Participate as a volunteer in a GROUP or committee

- Get discounted rates when registering for an event, education course or program



The pre-loaded usernames are very specific. You must follow capitalization, spaces and any punctuation.  Suggest you change your username to one that is easy to remember and enter. Contact Staff if you do not know the user name.  DO NOT create a new profile.


Be sure to change your password from the generic password needed for first log-in.

NYSLTA Staff Admins cannot see your password. The site provides a password reset feature.


If you have difficulty with your log-in, or unsure if a profile exists, call the NYSLTA Staff for assistance.  Please do not keep creating new accounts for yourself.


Set your notification permissions to get email alerts for blog and forum posts that interest you.

This page contains helpful information for NYSLTA Members to make the best use of this site.

If you need assistance at any time - contact the NYSLTA Office at 212-964-3701.



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