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Land Records Update
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The Land Record Committee posts reports of its meetings with County Clerks and City Registers. During the COVID-19 event, this page is available to Members and non-members.


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NYC ACRIS Enhancement

Posted By Tommy Tafuri, Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The City Register’s Office has recently added a new feature that will allow the industry to calculate recording fees for documents submitted to its offices.


From the ACRIS Main Screen  please click the “Calculate Taxes/Fees” tab.


From there click on the “Fees” tab and you will be able to calculate with accuracy the cost of recording most, if not all your documents.

The City Register has added this calculator because of the recent requirements (by lenders, the CFPB and the DFS) that require the exact cost of recording documents to be reflected at the closing.

In addition thereto, for members that still wish to calculate recording fees without the help of a program,  a formal list of recording charges have been made more easily available on the Department of Finance’s website. Go to and click on the “fees and requirements” tab.


(See attached file)

We hope you find the improvements helpful and we thank the City Register’s Office for helping us meet some of the regulatory challenges facing our industry.



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Report on Sept. 17 2015 meeting with NYC DoF

Posted By RGT for T.Tafuri, Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Land Records Committee of the Association had its quarterly meeting with Annette Hill, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Finance/City Register, her deputies and with members from the Department of Finance and Department of Environmental Protection, on Thursday, September 17, 2015.


Please note the following:

City Register Topics

Rejections-Annette Hill is aware of the rejections and it appears that many incorrect rejections are made as a result of overzealous employees misinterpreting the law or the scope of the Register’s power to review. In order to better educate the examiners and locate and teach the employees that incorrectly reject many documents, the Register has been pulling rejections for review prior to returning same to the submitter. Once again, she hopes the situation will improve (albeit gradually) in the coming months.

If you get an erroneous rejection contact the rejections desk and/or Mary Scheman-Stella ( – the document will be reviewed quickly. Please note – if you send an email disputing a rejection to the rejections desk or to Ms. Scheman-Stella, please attach a copy of the document in question.


Smoke Detector Affidavits – the ACRIS system creates a Smoke Detector Affidavit whether or not one is required. There is some relief for members that are sick of notarizing such affidavits and attaching same to the deed and ACRIS docs for recording – Smoke Detector Affidavits ARE ONLY REQUIRED for properties improved by a one or two family house or for a residential condominium unit in a building containing three or less condominium units. For all other properties, the Smoke Detector Affidavit is not required and a deed will not be rejected if the submitted docs do not contain such affidavit. Of course, the deed will not be rejected if a commercial property deed is submitted with a Smoke Detector Affidavit.


Update of consolidation of Borough Offices to Queens – No dates yet. The City Register is waiting for approvals to move forward.


Condominium Floor Plans/Maps – The Register is looking into the feasibility (i.e. cost) of having Condominium Floor Plans/Maps that were recorded before 2009, available on ACRIS. An RFI will go out to potential contractors for the project within the next six to eight weeks.


Condominium Floor Plans/Maps recording – This is an issue only if you e-record. Lately, recording of Floor Plans have been rejected even though the “oversized” box is checked when preparing Cover Pages for Floor Plans. Most, if not all Floor Plans are 11 X 17 and are scanned (when e-recording only) horizontally before submitting to the City Register. The City Register then turns the document vertically before accepting for recording. During this process part of the Maps are cut off and the City Register then rejects the Maps. A solution has then been to reduce the Maps to 8.5 X 11 and scan vertically, and then submit same for recording. However, quality is lost and you have already paid for a larger document. We will work with the City to figure out a solution to this problem. Any member that has had Floor Plans/Maps rejected for this reason should notify Mary Schemen- Stella (


UCC-1 Rejections – 1. A UCC should not be rejected if Box No. 6 (indicating that the UCC to be filed in the real estate record) is checked. 2. Of course, UCCs need not be signed and if signed, definitely do not need to be acknowledged. However, if a UCC is rejected for lack of acknowledgement, immediately contact a supervisor.


Richmond County Transfer Tax Payments - We requested as to whether or not it was possible to allow the pre-payment of transfer taxes on Richmond County deeds via ACRIS, and have all other recording functions left with the Richmond County Clerk. The City Register believes that this is already possible. However, she will meet with the Clerk of Richmond County and see if this is so. Ms. Hill will advise the Association after contacting the Richmond County Clerk.


Online Fee Schedule and Calculator – a Fee Schedule (to help calculate the exact cost of recordings) will soon be made available in a conspicuous place so that same will be easy to find. (AT present it is almost impossible to find the fee schedule.) In addition thereto, the City Register is in the beta Testing phase of having available a recording fee calculator. The Register hopes to have same available to the public at the beginning of October.


Completion of ACRIS forms when Referee sells a Cooperative Apartment - The Association requested that the City Register clarify as to how to complete ACRIS forms for a UCC foreclosure of a Cooperative Apartment. This query was made because membership felt that there was industry wide confusion as to how to fill out the ACRIS forms in connection with a UCC foreclosure of a cooperative, and in particular, how the grantor should be listed.


We were told the following:
-- Party One should be the Referee – as to Social Security Number – “99999’s are fine”;

-- Creditor of the Transferor should also be named;

-- Type of transfer should be Box Q – transfer to successful bidder;

-- Terms of Sale will be accepted



Status of Certified Copies Turnaround Times – If the number of documents are LESS THAN 10 are as follows:
Bronx – same day;
Brooklyn – next day, however it may be longer (depending on page count);
Queens – next day, however it may take longer (depending on page count); and
Manhattan – If a bulk order – will be three business days. It will be less if it is not a bulk order.


Contact Names for Complex Recording Issues - Assistant Deputies can resolve most issues. However, if a document requires further approval or review than contact the following parties:
-- Colette McCain-Jacques
-- Zena Spence
-- Mary Scheman-Stella


Kings County (and Manhattan) – Microfilm not being re-indexed by staff or examiners – A constructive discussion between City Register management and the NYSLTA regarding this ongoing issue. Some of the larger examining companies offered to volunteer their employees to do a one-time clean up.


The City Register stressed that examiners must put the microfilm away when finished with its use. Both sides agreed to work together and will consider a reasonable long term solution to the problem.





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Report on Mar-19-2015 meeting w NYC

Posted By Robert Treuber, Friday, March 20, 2015


[Note - The Land Records and Municipal Liaison Committees hold a joint meeting with certain departments of NYC government. Members may bring to NYSLTA Staff any concerns, problems or grievances regarding working with NY City government departments and agencies. Items will be added to the meeting agenda and the Association will facilitate urgent matters to the extent possible.- RGT]



The Land Records Committee of the NYSLTA held it’s quarterly meeting with Annette Hill, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Finance/City Register on Thursday, March 19, 2015.


The meeting was attended by Ms. Hill, her deputies and representatives from the Department of Finance and Department of Environmental Protection, and representatives from NYSLTA Members:

AIS;  Cooke Abstract;  First American Title Insurance; Municipal Data Services; Old Republic Title Insurance; Red Vision; Regal Title Agency ;  S.J. Carroll Jr., Inc.; Superior Data Services.



Please note the following:


City Register Topics

·         Rejections-City Register Hill is aware of the rejections and is doing everything in her power to lower the rate of erroneous rejections. She has recently terminated someone for poor performance and has hired additional staff members. She hopes the situation will improve (albeit gradually) in the coming months.

If you get an erroneous rejection contact the rejections desk and/or Mary Scheman-Stella – the document will be reviewed quickly.

·         Tax map – a member of DOF was present to explain that the program for the Digital Tax Map is now in the hands of the GIS Group. (DOF is not a fan of the printing platform either.) They will continue to press GIS for a re-write of the printing app.

·         As you may be aware, affidavits are required when any party to a tax form does not have a social security and/or tax ID number. There is no form affidavit available. The City Register has indicated that an attorney can sign the affidavit. The affidavit must be sworn to before a notary public.

·         Tax forms (and the documents) require the name and capacity of all parties signing the documents/forms printed underneath the signature (Yes – even Smoke detector affidavits, RPTS etc etc etc).
This was always the rule, but just recently enforced. We suggested that the forms, when printed, indicate name and capacity so that the parties executing documents (and closers and companies submitting docs for recording) remember to add name and capacity on all docs/forms signed. Ms. Hill has indicated that she would consider it in the next ACRIS re-write.

·         The Queens Borough City Register’s Office has reopened its payment window. This can speed the time it takes for a document submitted for recording be shown as paid.

·         The City Register (at our suggestion) will look into the feasibility (i.e. cost and program requirements) of having Condominium Maps recorded before 2009 available via ACRIS. We will follow up in future meetings.

·         A new list of supervisors and personnel at the City Register’s Office is now available (see below).



City Register Executive:        First Deputy City Register-Colette Mccain-Jacques

Manhattan Location:                              Deputy City Register- Mary Scheman-Stella

                                                        Assistant Deputy- Edith Ladson-Tolbert

Associate Deputy City Register: Zena Spence (The Assistant Deputies for the borough locations report to Zena)

Brooklyn:                    Assistant Deputy- Sharon Kelly-French

Bronx:                                           Assistant Deputy- Edna Moy

Queens:                       Assistant Deputy-Vanessa Goodwin




Department of Finance Topics

·         A new computer system/program for the public is on schedule to be launched July of 2016. The DOF hopes to include positive features of the old system and make it easier to pay taxes and retrieve tax information.

·         Almost all 2013 RPIE penalty charges have been entered and billed on records of the City Collector. Still not 100% final because property owners that have appealed to the Tax Commission have not been entered in the City Collectors books.

·         The DOF has recently published a memo on its website as to its Exempt Property Tax restoration policy and procedures.

·         Taxes can be considered paid “officially” if shown paid for more than 30 days (previously it was a 90 day period).


Department of Environmental Protection Topics

·         The DEP has been listening to concerns of the industry and public and is trying to make the system for securing final readings as friendly and efficient as possible.

Some items of note are:

The charge for a reading is $25.00 per lot – not per account;

Requests for duplicate letters of title reads will no longer be denied;

A new order for a title read will no longer be denied regardless as to the date of the last title reading.



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