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Land Records Update
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The Land Record Committee posts reports of its meetings with County Clerks and City Registers. During the COVID-19 event, this page is available to Members and non-members.


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Suffolk County & Richmond County Updates

Posted By Beth Alonso, Chair - Land Records Committe, Thursday, September 3, 2020
Updated: Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Land Records Committee has information about Suffolk County and Richmond County.



Effective next week Suffolk County will be implementing a new procedure regarding title searching.


Appointments for examiners in Suffolk County will be made by the individual examiner which will replace the previous process of the county assigning the appointment. An email announcement regarding this change was sent to all registered examiners and a follow up email complete with details and the registration link will be sent this week by the County Clerk.


An examiner must have an access pass to make an appointment.   


Richmond County has informed me they are holding all recorded documents since early 2020.


The date they will begin mailing back the R&R is to be determined. This delay is due to work shifts that have been adjusted/altered and the Richmond County Clerk wants to make certain that the quality assurance process is tight.  Requests for documents cannot be made at this time as they will not remove any documents out of sequence.


A status update is expected from the County Clerk by 9/14/20.

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County Clerks Service Update and Hours

Posted By LouAnn Cassar, Monday, August 3, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Updated August 4, 2020 at 3:00 pm


The Land Records Committee surveys county recorders for update on hours, services and staffing changes in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.


The Committee will update the report as information changes.  You can access the file HERE. (file name "NYS COUNTY DATA84")


We have also compiled a 140 page report listing the types of documents accepted via e-recording by each county. You can access the file HERE.  (file name "NYS E-RECORDING320")



Are you e-recording a deed with an IT2663?

Click this link for  a list of New York State county e-recording requirements related to a deed submitted with an IT2663. Your documents will be rejected if they do not confirm to the guidelines of the county in which you are recording.



You can find information on municipal office hours and service HERE ("Municipal Liaison Update" for reference).



Please visit the Newsblog for more information.




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April 2018 Meeting with NYC Dept. of Finance

Posted By Robert Treuber, Friday, May 25, 2018
Updated: Friday, May 25, 2018


The Land Records Committee of the Association had its quarterly meeting with Annette Hill, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Finance/City Register, and her deputies on Wednesday, April 17, 2018. Please note the following:


City Register Topics

·       Condominium Maps – As of March 5, 2018, all Condominium Maps (i.e. Floor Plans) recorded after January 1, 2003, can be reviewed on ACRIS. Some members have been misdirected by NYC staff when they request Maps recorded prior to January 1, 2003. If you need Floor Plans that are not on ACRIS you just need to request same from the City Register’s Office (no need to go to the Tax Map Unit). Ms. Hill advised us that the request will be fulfilled in 7 to 10 days.  In addition, the Register is trying to secure funding to upload pre 2003 Maps as a “Historical Project”.

·       ACRIS Calculation – Bulk Sale of Condo Units – a member complained that ACRIS is not able to calculate Mansion Tax for individual units (e.g 12 residential units – one deed – The City does not a breakdown to determine mansion tax cost, if any, for each individual unit). The Register will investigate this and try to find a solution. I suggest you calculate the amount of mansion tax then when asked on TP-584 for the percentage of residential real property, you put a number in that will calculate the Mansion Tax you want to remit.

·       ACRIS Account Lockout due to payment issues – it appears that a member, without any warning, had been locked out of ACRIS because there was a problem with an ACH payment. The Register will recheck. Once blocked, the ACRIS user should receive an email and get a call.

·       Richmond County Transfer Tax Payment – still can’t prepay your Richmond County transfer taxes through ACRIS unless you want to pay the additional filing fee that ACRIS charges.

·       Richmond County – use of ACRIS forms – Although the Land Records Division of Richmond County is not administered by the City Register, it is still required to collect the NYC RPTT return and taxes for the NYC Department of Finance. Many practitioners voluntarily use the ACRIS system to generate the transfer tax forms for Richmond County deeds because of it is easy to use and we are now familiar with the system. However, according to Annette Hill, a Local Law was changed in 2017, that now requires that ACRIS e-forms be generated for Richmond County transfers. A copy of the rule change is attached hereto. As of this writing, I am not sure if the Richmond County Clerk is rejecting deeds that are accompanied by non ACRIS generated documents.

·       Turnaround Time – The average turnaround time for March 2018 was 0.72 days (Yayy).

·       Queens Office Search Function Relocation – No firm date of opening has been set yet. Some second-floor work has already started. 

·       Rejections- It was announced that after a document group has been rejected twice, it automatically goes to the Supervisor Queue.

·       New items

a.           It was announced that signing up form ACRIS will be made easier because the process will be all electronic. There will be no need to mail a form to the City Register. It is hoped that this change will be in place by the end of June 2018.

b.           Free WiFi will be available in all the Register’s Offices. This too should be available by the end of June 2018.      

c.           Coming Soon in the Fall of 2018 – Electronic certification of documents! There will no longer be a need to pick up a certified copy of a document at the Register’s Office. The price for certification will stay the same.


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Contact info for NYC Register Q1-2017

Posted By Robert Treuber, Monday, December 12, 2016
Updated: Monday, December 12, 2016

Here is the contact information for the key people at the NY City Register's Office, as of December 2016.


Zena Spence: Associate Deputy City Register-Borough Offices  (212) 291-4983

Bronx: Deputy City Register, Edith Ladson-Tolbert  (718) 620-2781

Queens: Deputy City Register, Vanessa Goodwin  (718) 558-2319

Brooklyn: Deputy City Register, Sharon Kelly  (718) 488-2700

Manhattan: Deputy City Register-Mary Scheman-Stella  (212) 291-4981

Assistant Deputy City Register,  Edna Moy  (212) 291-4958

Customer Service Supervisor,  Leroy Carty  (212) 291-2636



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Fall 2016 Focus on Long Island

Posted By Robert Treuber, Monday, October 17, 2016
Updated: Monday, October 17, 2016

The Land Records Committee has been very busy with fee increases proposed by the Nassau County and Suffolk County Executives.


The NYSLTA joined a coalition organized by the LI Board of Realtors, to publicly oppose the fees and the detrimental impact on the real estate market on Long Island.


Notes of a meeting with the Suffolk County Executive appear in the previous blog post.


In addition, Land Records Chair Tafuri wrote to Nassau County Clerk, Hon. Maureen O'Connell, seeking her support in opposition to the fee increases in Nassau County.  That letter is attached to this blog post.


Members with specific concerns about these developments in the Long Island counties should contact the NYSLTA Staff at 212-964-3701.



Download File (PDF)

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Report on meeting with Suffolk County Executive - Oct 7 2016

Posted By Nancy Farrell, Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meeting with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and staff that was held Friday, October 7th.


Those that were in attendance were:


Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone

Presiding Officer, DuWayne Gregory

Deputy County Executive for Intergovernmental Affairs, Jon Schneider

Chief of Staff (office of Presiding Officer), Lora A. Gellerstein

Chief Deputy Commissioner for Economic Development, Theresa Ward


Randy Kaplan and Timothy Lachapelle from LIBOR

Elizabeth Alonso, NYSLTA

Nancy C. Farrell NYSLTA


Mr. Kaplan initiated the conversation regarding the coalition and their goals. The discussion of targeting the real estate industry and the excessiveness of the fees was focused on. Executive Bellone assured Mr. Kaplan that the real estate industry was not being targeted and that all areas of the government under his control have been re-evaluated, condensed and revamped to be the most efficient and cost effective. But with the sales tax revenue not being what was and is projected, the funds must be made up in other areas. This was the general conversation that was had. Mr. Kaplan was transparent in telling Exec. Bellone that there would be news releases by the coalition and then phone calls next week from members of LIBOR, the LI Builders Assoc. and the LIA. The tone of the meeting was pleasant and professional.


Beth Alonso and I agreed with Mr. Kaplan that the fees were excessive, but if and when they went into effect, that there would be sufficient time for the industry to prepare.  Given all the new rules and regulations put on the title and banking industries from both the CFPB (with the new TRID regulations) and the DFS, we explained the constant need for time sensitive disclosures.  The exec’s staffers were receptive to that.  That spurred on the discussion of the exact nature of the fees being imposed.


At the time of this meeting, the County Officials had not finalized the list of instruments effected by the increases.  I explained that there are numerous documents that are associated with mortgages, including, but not limited to assignments and Consolidation agreements. We asked that they be very specific as to what documents will be affected by this fee. This should not be left open to interpretation by the county clerk’s office.


The $25.00 increase in the real property verification portion of the recording fee is going to be across the board as is the $200.00 fee now. It is our opinion the $300.00 fee is going to be tough for our clients to swallow.  With that, we asked for the most amount of lead time possible, explaining that the lenders and attorneys will raise concerns regarding this steep increase.


The budget is still in review, but will be voted on, I believe November 7th. Once passed, then there are some internal mechanics that will bring them to November 15 to be the final date for release.  That will give the industry 45 days until implementation of the new budget items which would take effect January 1, 2017. These dates could be a moving target, but are as close as we could get.


We explained that the more lead time the better for both the industry as well as the county clerk’s office.  Beth also suggested that there be a date of absolute to be the governing factor (being the date of the document) which would affect the change in the fee structure.  We explained that in recording  a document there are times when rejections occur and if a document falls between the old and the new recording structure, you cannot go back to a client, purchaser or borrower and request the additional fees. I believe that they understood the point we were trying to make. I again honed in on the fact that it would make it easier not only for our industry, but for the county clerk’s office as well.


All in all, I believe that he meeting went well and hopefully our concerns were taken seriously. Only time will tell.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 




Nancy C. Farrell


Venture Title Agency, Inc.

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Report on Meeting with NYC Register (April 14, 2016)

Posted By Robert Treuber, Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Land Records Committee of the Association had its “quarterly” meeting with Annette Hill, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Finance/City Register, her deputies and with some members from the Department of Finance on Thursday, April 14, 2016. Please note the following:


City Register Topics

·         Refunds and/or overpayments – Of course, if you overpaid or are entitled to a refund (i.e. paper rejected and could not be recorded), there has been a mechanism to receive a refund. Such a policy has been and will remain in place. At the request of the Association, the City has agreed to prepare a list of 30 – 40 companies that are entitled refunds as a result of overpayments and/or rejections from 2011 forward. The 30-40 companies will be supplied by the Association. The City Register must also confirm with its IT Department if such a list can be created.


·         RPIE Enforcement – File deadline for 2015 RPIE reports is June 1, 2016. All 2014 penalties/charges have been transferred to the DOF Real Property Tax records except for 200 properties that have petitioned for an extension.


·         Fast Track Recording of certain deeds – The Association asked the City Register if certain deeds can be “fast tracked” (ie – brought to the “front of the line” and recorded almost immediately). The deeds in question were deeds when the Grantor and Grantee were the same entity or person. Such superfluous deeds are usually generated at the request of the Department of Finance’s Tax Map Unit or the DOF’s Exemption Unit. The Register was reluctant to allow said deeds to be “Fast Tracked” and asked for some examples.


·         Rejections-Annette Hill is aware of the rejections and it appears that many incorrect rejections are made as a result of overzealous employees misinterpreting the law or the scope of the Register’s power to review.  In addition, there is a new internal system that had been implemented by the Register’s Office that might have created a problem. The situation will improve (albeit gradually) in the coming months.

If you get an erroneous rejection contact the rejections desk and/or Mary Scheman-Stella ( – the document will be reviewed quickly. Please note – if you send an email disputing a rejection to the rejections desk or to Ms. Scheman-Stella, please attach a copy of the document in question.          

·         UCC Fees – The City Register has always allowed rejected UCC’s to be resubmitted without payment of additional filing fee. That policy will change in the very near future. Once a UCC is paid for and rejected (of course, we are assuming the rejection was justified) then a new filing fee must be paid with the resubmission. The City Register claims that said change is merely an implementation of existing law. A notice will be sent out by the City prior to implementation of this new system. 


·         Tax Map Unit/Customer Service – As of April 17, 2016, the Tax Map Customer Service desk will be moved to the Second Floor of 66 John Street (it was previously at the 13th floor of the same building)


·         New Automation – Starting May 1, 2016, UCC Financing Statements can be “walked on” – the documents will be scanned and given back to the customer right at the Front Desk.


·         E-Recording Classes – The City Register wants more users to submit documents electronically. Therefore, it has an e-recording training program. The Association has agreed to inform members of the dates and times of said classes. The City also offered to train a large group of our members off the City premises if we can provide a venue.



·         Update of consolidation of Borough Offices to Queens – No dates yet. However, a vendor has been selected for the construction.


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System Integrity Statement - Nassau County

Posted By Robert Treuber, Monday, January 25, 2016
Updated: Monday, January 25, 2016

Some Members have reported complications with Lenders due to concerns about the reliability of the online search system in Nassau County.


The Association has gotten assurances from the Office of the Nassau County Clerk that computerized records ranging back to 1992 are complete and reliable.


We have attached a statement to that effect, which Members may find useful in addressing such issues with Lenders and attorneys.




 Attached Files:

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Fee increases on Dec 18 in Suffolk County

Posted By Robert Treuber, Thursday, December 3, 2015
Updated: Thursday, December 3, 2015

The fee increases noted in the previous post take effect December 18, 2015.


You can see the announcement - here.

This post has not been tagged.

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Fee increases pending in Suffolk County

Posted By Robert Treuber, Friday, November 6, 2015
Updated: Friday, November 6, 2015

The following information has been received from Christopher Como, Esq., Official Examiner of Title, Suffolk County Clerk's Office:


“… the Suffolk County Legislature has passed a budget that includes increased revenues based on Suffolk County Real Property Tax Services verification fee being raised from the current $60 per lot fee to $200 per lot. 


Before the fee increase can go into effect, the Legislature and County Executive will have to pass a local law to actually increase the verification fee.  Since the budget passed overwhelming, I don’t foresee any impediments to the Legislature enacting and the County Executive signing the local law increasing the fee.

At this point we are not aware of the timing of when the legislature will push forward with a new bill, however, we wanted to make you and your membership aware of the impending fee increase.  As we learn more from the legislature and the timeframe, we will update you and provide more information on how we plan to implement the new fee..”

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